• Memorial Day

    Join us in May 2018, in honoring all of our beloved veterans, their families, and the sacrifices that have been made to continue this great country of ours.

  • Independence Day Parade

    Join us for the "Independence Day Parade". Family and friends welcome.

  • Veterans Day

    Join us in showing our appreciation to all the brave men and women that are US Veterans.

  • Our Community Salutes 2016

    Join us in 2018 for the largest "Our Community Salutes" event in the Northwest.

Welcome to CMAC

We are an all inclusive community driven non-military organization where everyone is welcome.


Mission Statement

CMAC shall execute and plan community-wide events such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, POW/MIA Day and recognition/support of military families of all services. It is an inclusive committee composed of civic education, veteran and business partners.

The Objectives of CMAC

A. To preserve and promote military history.
B. To recognize veterans and military families for their contributions to our nation.
C. To assist and support veterans, deployed military and their families.
D. To recognize community and national events.
E. To make recommendations or take action on any other subject, pertaining to the well being of veterans and military families.


CMAC is all inclusive, composed of members representing youth, education, civic, military, veterans groups, and local governments.

Public Access and Notification:

All regular and special CMAC meetings and committee meetings shall be open to the public. All meetings are subject to applicable provisions of the Open Public Meetings Law, RCW Chapter42.30B.